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Pledge on P’pang flood mitigation

Hajiji handing the contribution to Maidol Paulin, one of the victims during the Sept 15 floods in Penampang.

PENAMPANG: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor has given his assurance that the Government will do its best to complete a flood mitigation project to ease the burden of the people in this flood-prone district.He said the flood mitigation programme for the district is ongoing.

“The Government will ensure that the project will be completed,” he said in a statement, Friday.

The Gabungan Rakyat Sabah Chairman had earlier presented cash aid to the victims of the September floods in Penampang at the Sabah Cultural Centre, here.

He had previously said after visiting the flood victims in Kampung Sugud, here, in September that two of the three flood mitigation projects had been completed.

Penampang was one of the districts hit by several incidences of mud floods during the past year.Hajiji also called for disaster preparedness throughout the State in anticipation of the northeast monsoon this month.

“I have instructed all district disaster management committees to be on full alert and to place logistic preparations on standby, including temporary evacuation shelters in all districts,” he said.

He also said the State Government was working with its federal counterparts through the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) to channel monetary assistance and allocations in the event of a disaster during the monsoon season.


“Hopefully, the financial assistance from the Government will lessen the burden for all affected,” he said.Two hundred household heads received RM1,000 on Friday.

The other 737 will receive theirs within the next two weeks. Environment and Water Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man had said in a Facebook post on Thursday that the Government had approved RM9.19 billion for 98 flood mitigation projects nationwide under Rolling Plan 1 of the 12th Malaysia Plan.

Kedah and Kelantan are to receive the highest allocation of RM1.3 billion each, while Sabah is expected to receive RM806 million for the implementation of 17 flood mitigation projects.

Meanwhile, Hajiji said the localised emergency imposed on Bugaya state constituency about 10 months ago, following the death of its elected representative Manis Muka Mohd Darah, is still on.  He said the by-election for the vacant seat will be held once the situation in the State gets better.

“The localised emergency has not been lifted. But we will bring up this matter when the Covid-19 situation in Sabah gets better. “We will surely hold a by-election,” he said.

The emergency proclamation on Bugaya in Semporna was done on December 16 after a by-election.   

Manis Muka, 65, of Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan), died on Nov 17 last year from kidney ailment without being officially sworn-in after the Sabah Election held on Sept 26, 2020.  


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