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Ranau corn can cut foreign exchange outflow

Datin Hajah Jaini (left) presenting a token to Jonathan while Paul (left), Mohd Razalie (3rd right) and others look on.

RANAU: Farmers here are advised to work on derelict land with corn rubber, fruits such as durian, banana, pineapple, cocoa, rubber and palm oil as well as rearing animals.

Deputy Minister II of Home Affairs, Datuk Jonathan Yasin said, cultivating the corn is something that farmers can work on in Ranau besides existing crops, as corn is an important food item that is still widely imported from abroad to meet local demand and needs.

According to him, the corn crop project is a way of controlling the flow of money to outside countries, which previously was simply spent to import corn from outside, in order to fulfill the needs of the country.

“It is therefore very important that the corn crop is enhanced and grown widely by the people here, in order for us to meet the needs of the people of this country,” he explained.Jonathan, who is also the Ranau MP, was speaking during his speech inaugurating the Baja Corn Crop Agrotani Entrepreneur Programme, through the Koperasi Wawasan Rakyat Sabah Berhad at Jaini Redhill Residence Ranau on Saturday.

According to him, farmers need to be positively wise to open up abandoned areas or unprofitable land to become a new area with the Baja Corn crop which is proven to bring lucrative yields quickly and profitably if worked hard.

“We want the Ranau district, which is already famous for its fruit products such as quality durian, oil palm and rubber, to also be known for being a producer of Baja Corn not only in Sabah but the whole country at some point in time,” he said.

In the event, Jonathan also announced a RM100 contribution in the form of corn seeds and fertiliser for each person to the more than 20 participants who attended the programme.

“The Baja Corn crop is something that can bring results quickly without the need for intensive care and not overburdening the entrepreneurs compared to other crops,” added Jonathan.

He said that he will fully support the Corn Cultivators Association in Ranau to facilitate the distribution of assistance and donations from the government or the Ranau Parliamentary office in the future.

Also making a speech in the programme was the Chairman of Nita Farmers and Koperasi (Jamin) Ranau district, Datin Hajah Jaini Binti Majid.

Also present at the programme were Senior Training Officer, Malaysian Cooperative Institute Policy and Strategy Division, Mohd Razalie Bin Raffae and Sabah Vision Cooperative Agriculture Manager (Agrotani), Paul Chang.


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